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Henderson, NV 89014
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Our Passion

Water FX opened its doors in 1997. During our more than 25 years in this business, We have been building and designing some of the most prestigious pools, spas, water features, day spa treatment rooms and fire features in Las Vegas, as well as across the US and Mexico. Our company is based on integrity and a commitment to excellence.

What makes the difference?

Our employees. We hire only the best, most talented and dedicated people. We’re here to stay. In fact, we want to make a mark on the world. That’s how important our work is to us. Just spend some time with the founder, Tim Pangborn and you’ll see that we are the water and fire experts who will do the job right. That is our passion. That is what drives us.

Water FX can turn conceptual designs into practical, tangible features all with accurate pricing for complete construction. A full comprehension of the project in the beginning helps to avoid unexpected change orders in the future.

Our Capabilities

• Pools
ㅤ – Stainless Steel as well as
• Spas
ㅤ– Stainless Steel as well as Concrete
• Water features
ㅤ– Waterfalls / Water Walls
ㅤ– Fountains
ㅤ– Computerized water shows
ㅤ– Lazy rivers
• In-house Fabrication of
Stainless Steel Pools, Spas &
Water Features as well as Architechural & Decorative Metals
ㅤ– Mock ups
ㅤ– Stainless steel
ㅤ– Aluminum
ㅤ– 3D Printing
• Day Spa
ㅤ– Thermal Bathing Treatment
• Rooms
ㅤ – Thermal Bathing Control Systems
• Water play structures
ㅤ – Water Slides
• 2D and 3D drawings
ㅤ – AutoCAD
ㅤ – Solidworks
• Fire effects
ㅤ – Fireplaces
ㅤ – Urns
ㅤ – Fire Bowls
• Show Control systems
• High pressure systems
ㅤ – Mist
ㅤ – Fog
• Innovation

At Water FX, we understand that your project should make a profound impact. Because the market for impressive water and fire features is ever-changing, we continually strive to be innovative. Our years of experience have fostered a great capacity for innovation, enabling us to design and construct features that are uniquely stunning.

Licenses: Nevada A-10 #44166A, C-14 #77679 (Steel erection), Arizona A-9 #268673, Monetary Limit $17,600,000